Arriving in Guyana

I arrived in Guyana safe and sound. This morning I watched the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. It was pretty awesome. 

The view of the sunrise from my airline seat.

The view of the sunrise from my airline seat.

I've spent most of today catnapping and trying to understand Guyanan currency. I opened up a Stephen Dunn book that I picked up yesterday at The Strand in NYC. This was the first poem:

Solving the Puzzle

I couldn't make all the pieces fit
so I threw one away.

No expectation of success now,
none of that worry.

The remaining pieces seemed
to seek their companions.
A design appeared.

I could see the connection
between the overgrown path
and the dark castle on the hill.

Something in the middle, though,
was missing.

It would have been important once.
I wouldn't have been able to sleep
without it.

Chris CresswellComment