The Next Terrifying Thing

Since deciding to move to Guyana with WorldTeach I've heard variations on the phrase 'You're so brave!' and 'You're so adventurous', which is funny because I always joke about how I'm terrified of all things all the time. And it is true, I am scared of almost everything. Especially seaweed. 

I think a lot about an interview Ben Folds gave once. He was talking about his song, Still Fighting It. In the interview hew was talking about the birth of his son and how the process of being born must be terrifying for the baby. Then Folds realized that what he was about to embark on, the journey of being a father, was also terrifying. Essentially, we're all doing the next terrifying thing. 

So that's really it. It's not that I'm not terrified, life is about doing the next terrifying thing. As long as that next terrifying thing has nothing to do with seaweed. Or commitment. Not big on commitment either. 

Chris CresswellComment