There is a light (2018)

Commissioned by Via Nova with funds by the UK Council for the Arts.
Premiered on August 2, 2018 at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield, England by Via Nova, Daniel Galbreath.


Written in response to Tchaikovsky’s Vespers, There is a Light uses the idea of an all night vigil as a metaphor for finding one’s way out of depression. Each of the four movements meditates on ideas of yearning, of unanswerable questions, of unknowable answers. The text is governed by the idea of always reaching for a light that is just beyond the horizon. The four movements end, not with the conclusion of the journey, but with the realization that ‘love is the light that terrifies me’ and that ‘love is the light that will guide me home’. 


This work was written for Daniel Galbreath and the Via Nova choir. It is dedicated to them with love and gratitude.