The Decatur Fragments (2014)

(2 trpt, fh, trb, tuba) 

In the summer of 2014 I moved to Decatur, MI where I began living and working at the Lake of the Woods and Greenwoods family of camps. Every morning I walked from my room in the ‘big house’ to the recording studio on the other side of camp and listened to the bird calls that filled the air. I became fascinated, not by the specific gestures themselves, but by their structural relationship to one another. The calls would weave in and out of one another, sometimes working together, sometimes disregarding each other, overlapping to create a constantly evolving sonic tapestry. This provided the inspiration for The Decatur Fragments. Throughout the work musical gestures appear and disappear, sometimes acting in congruence, sometimes acting on their own to create a rich, musical tapestry.