Shadow Water (2010)

This work was originally premiered December 11th, 2010.

(2 channel electronics)

    Shadow Water is the first in my Audifiler series, an ongoing project of works built using heavily manipulated digital samples. These works were created using small fragments of preexisting material that are then heavily manipulated using a variety of digital music programs, including Audacity, SoundHack, GarageBand, Max/MSP, and ProTools. These works have been heavily influenced by aspects of mash-up/remix culture, John Cage’s Imaginary Landscapes series, Brian Eno’s ambient work, and John Oswald’s Plunderphonics. 

    In addition to these aesthetic inspirations, I’m interested in exploring the change in the listening experience. Throughout history, music has been created for the venue where people go to listen. In the last century, we’ve seen a radical retooling of this experience, with a majority of people no longer attending concerts, but rather listening to recordings of music, predominantly through headphones. One of my goals with the Audifiler project is to create music that is designed to take advantage of “headphones” as a listening medium. I want to create a new music specifically for this new “venue.” 

    This work includes the following samples: Shadow Water uses samples of pre-existing works, heavily manipulated, to create a new aural landscape.