I find I have less to say (2017)

(violin, alto sax, electric guitar, double bass, piano, and percussion)
Written for the Decibel ensemble.
 Recorded on January 20, 2017 at Real World Studios in Bath, England
Duration: 9’

Program Notes:

in the desperate din of
this uncharted conversation
a quiet realization

there is no manual for this moment

there is only your
unceasing, senseless chatter
and I find I have less to say

- Chris Cresswell


Performance Notes: 

This work requires two ebows, which should be set to ‘fundamental’ mode. 
The dynamic marking ‘P’ should be at the level of the ebow piano sound. 
The pianist’s ebow should be placed on the middle C string and left there throughout the piece. There should be no interference when striking middle C. There may be some interference when playing B3. This is ok. 



For score and parts, please contact black tea music TC@blackteamusic.com

Preview of Score: