Dorian Green (2014)

(Short Film)

Film by Sarah Outhwaite, Starring Geoff Moonen,
Music by Chris Cresswell

Premiered on September 7th, 2014 at the Delancey in New York, NY. The film was selected for screening by the 2014 San Jose International Short Film Festival and the 2014 Coney Island Film Festival. 

"In a surreal style...Dorian Green is a stark exploration of identity." - Electric Feast

Director: Sarah Outhwaite
Writer: Miriam Brandt, Sarah Outhwaite
Actor: Geoff Moonen
Music: Chris Cresswell

This is the story of Dorian Green - the man who didn't like his face. Alone in a room with his mirror, Dorian does his best to disguise the shapes that crawl across his skin. But is makeup enough to control his own nature?