Tuba and Electronics COmmissioning Consortium

 For years I’ve been dreaming of writing a new work for tuba and electronics. I started on trumpet in 5th grade but switched over the tuba in 7th grade. I studied the tuba for 13 years. I’m really thrilled to bring this new work for tuba and electronics to life! If you’re interested in joining the commission consortium, you can find out more information below.

New Work for Tuba and Electronics

Duration: 6’-8’

Deadline to Join Commission: November 1st, 2019

Date to Receive Piece: January 1, 2020

Technical Information: The electronics part will be a 2 channel ‘tape’ piece that can be triggered using an standard audio player.

Price: $200 to join the commission. Your name will be included on the website and in the score. All first performances by a consortium member will be designated a ‘Consortium Premiere’ of the work. The commissioning consortium will have a 1 year exclusivity on the piece.