Thoughts of Carolina (2015)

String Ensemble:  ( May be expanded proportionally.
Premiered by Project Instrumental in March 9, 2016 as part of Birmingham Conservatoire's Frontiers Festival
Duration: 7’

Program Notes:

When I started working on the piece that eventually became Thoughts of Carolina, I couldn’t get the song, Carolina in my Mind out of my head. One of the songs James Taylor wrote while living and working in the UK, the lyrics are a nostalgic look at someone’s home. Thoughts of Carolina was the first work I wrote after moving from the US to the UK. Throughout the work, a melodic fragment, reminiscent of an American folk song, appears. Although I did live in North Carolina for a brief time in the summer of 2008, the work is an exploration of nostalgia for home, a remembrance of our individual ‘Carolina’.