This is Failing, This is Beautiful (2014)

There is a line in the song, This is Failing, This is Beautiful: 

'You and me 
we lost the plot somehow 
but I believe 
there's beauty in the now' 

This EP is about celebrating that beauty. From the memory of an old New York character to the celebration of an engagement to the intimate details of a lazy Sunday morning, each of these songs captures a brief moment in time. It is a celebration of the small joys and pains of the everyday. This EP was recorded at Twin Woods Studios in Decatur, MI. 


Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ebow Guitar, Drum Programming, Vocals: Chris Cresswell 
Drums (Track 3, 4); Harmonica (Track 5): Billy Miskimmin 
Vocals (Track 5): Breann Bourelle

Producer: Chris Cresswell