Teaching Artist

A short video exploring the music program at LWCGWC Summer Camp in Decatur, MI, where I've served as Music Director since 2014.

As a teaching artist my philosophy is simple: Creativity is possible.  In a world where most students experience music through consumption, the mere act of creating becomes powerful. My goal is to reach students where they are and develop their abilities, instilling personal growth and empowerment. I'm comfortable working in a wide range of genres from folk to hip-hop to classical music. I've developed programs for musicians and non-musicians alike, having worked with first time musicians in summer camps to college masterclasses with fellow composers. Currently I am a tutor with Birmingham Conservatoire's Young Composers Project and have worked with the Music Service of Solihull and the Birmingham Conservatoire Learning and Participation Ensemble in the creation of Just Imagine for mass orchestra and electronics, which premiered at Symphony Hall in Birmingham, England.

A short video exploring the Young Composer Project at the Birmingham Conservatoire. I currently serve as the Co-Director and Workshop Leader for YCP.

In June 2014, I helped launch a new music program at the Lake of the Woods/Greenwoods summer camp in Decatur, MI. Housed in a five room state of the art recording studio, the program allows students to write and record songs, learn contemporary music software, and to perform on an instrument. The first year of the program saw the camper lead creation of over 50 songs, the release of our first CD, My Second Home, and countless performances. 

From 2011 - 2012 I worked with Society for New Music helping to develop a program for middle school and high school aged students to write their first classical pieces. Following an intensive two week session, students had their works read by professional musicians. 

In addition to my work with young musicians, I've worked with college students. In 2013 I taught several masterclasses at Lafayette College and Syracuse University as part of composer residencies. This included a course on text setting from a poet and composer's perspective, co-taught with Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Stephen Dunn. While a student I  helped developed the course, Close Listening: How to Unravel the Mysteries of New Music, which worked with non-musicians to develop a deeper understanding of contemporary music. I also served as a teaching assistant with songwriter Jeffrey Peppers Rodgers in his course, Inside the Words and Music, that looked at the creative process of some of the world's greatest songwriters to explore larger issues of creativity in any medium.