Two Preludes (For Holly) (2015)

Prelude # 2 premiered by Holly Roadfeldt at the UNK New Music Series on March 7th, 2016 in Kearney, Nebraska.
(solo piano)
Duration: 5’

Program Note:

Written in the winter of 2015, Two Preludes (For Holly) is a short work for my friend, and pianist Holly Roadfeldt. The first prelude was written in February 2015 and, as with much of my work, is an exploration of the extremes of the piano. There is a dialogue between the highest and lowest ranges of the piano. It also explores the relationship between sparse staccato gestures and the reverberant, chromatic clusters that occur when holding the pedal down. This prelude was finished on February 10, 2015. The second prelude opens with the same starting material as the first, but moves in a different direction. Taking inspiration from Bach, I was interested in how single lines in the right and left hand interact with one another.