Writing for Media

As a composer, I have worked with acoustic, electro-acoustic, and electronic musics. I'm comfortable working in a wide variety of softwares, including ProTools, Reason, Ableton, Audacity, Garageband, Sound Hacker, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro. I have created original film scores for projects, as well as had my music synched with film. The work samples below demonstrate a broad working range of styles, from contemporary classical to romantic, to electronic, to pop. I'm excited and eager to collaborate with a filmmaker to create the best sound product for their film.

Film Scores

Dorian Green (2013) - A collaborative project with film maker Sarah Outhwaite. I composed the music and did some diegetic work as well. The film score was created entirely with synthesized sounds. The film was showcased in the 2013 Coney Island Film Festival and 2013 San Jose International Short Film Festival.  

Next Stop LA (2015) - Part of Birmingham Conservatoire's 'Writing for Media' project. The score was created using a combination of live instruments and synthesized sounds. 

Distorted Mirrors (2011) - A film created around my piece Distorted Mirrors by filmmaker Jessica Schreindl. 

Other Music Samples

The Ruby Sunrise (2009) - An excerpt of a larger work for string quartet. An example of my writing for live instruments.

Three Studies for Baritone Saxophone and Electronics (2011) - The third movement features saxophone and electronics. 

On the Verge (2013) - A work for electronics only, an example of my work with synthesized sound.

Savior (2014) - Acted as audio engineer, producer, mixer, and electric guitar player for this song, written and performed by a high school student.