Video Highlights

The 2015 - 2016 season for Young Composers Project.

Conducting the world premiere of Daniel Sutheran's 'The River is in Delta'. 

Performing 'Shut Up and Dance' with Lizzie Sider at Lake of the Woods and Greenwoods Camp in August 2015.
A music video by Syracuse film student Jessica Schreindl with music composed by music major Chris Cresswell. Featuring Syracuse School of Dance choreographer Becky Richardson. Edited by Syracuse film student Kimberly Frey.

The premiere of 'the inner workings of a throat exposed' at the BOZAR in Brussels, Belgium.

A short video exploring the music program at LWCGWC Summer Camp in Decatur, MI.
The official video for 'Broken Beautiful' written and produced by Chris Cresswell. All instruments by Chris, except drums featuring Billy Miskimmin.
Composition student Chris Cresswell will have his piece At the foot of the mountain premiered at the Adrian Boult Hall on 22 April.

The premiere performance of 'Three Studies for Baritone Saxophone and Electronics'.

This piece was written for and dedicated to Melissa Widzinski. Chris Cresswell's Senior Composition Recital, 30 April 2011 Setnor Auditorium Syracuse University Syracuse, NY