in the space that separates (2018)

Premiered on April 24, 2018 by Curtis Glidewell and the Central Dauphin East High School Wind Ensemble at the Central Dauphin East High School  in Harrisburg, PA. Commissioned by Central Dauphin, Matt Carraher, Central Dauphin East Schools, Curtis Glidewell, and Composers and Schools in Concert.
(symphony band and electronics)
Duration: 7’30”


Program Note:

For most of my adult life I've traveled and lived in many disparate, distance places: a commune in New Orleans, an underground apartment in New York City, a hostel in Ireland and a house in Guyana. This has been a blessing in that I have many people I love, spread out all around the world. It has also been a curse in that I often find myself caught in between these different, disparate worlds. I live most of my life in the space that separates. 

When working on in the space that separates, I kept thinking about the phrase 'in between'. The source material for the electronics, static I recorded from an old radio, is what you hear when you are in between the radio stations where you are 'supposed' to be. I had just returned back to the United States after living abroad for two years and was living at my parent's house while I searched for a job. I was very much in an 'in between' moment in my life. 

‘these memories are pillars
that rise up from the
sifting, shifting sands of time

moments captured
and lost to the ephemera

we spend most of our lives
in the space that separates
somewhere between
where we were

and where we want to be

but there is beauty in the static
if we seek joy in its presence
if we seek joy in the present'



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