From Dreams, We Emerge (2015)

Commissioned by Wild Rumpus New Music Collective
Premiered on October 16, 2015 at the Berkeley Arts Festival 
(bass flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, cello, elec. guitar, piano, and electronics)
Duration: 9’

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315 Ensemble Record:

I began the initial sketch for From Dreams, We Emerge, with a burst of creativity that resulted in three minutes of material that I quite liked. However, after a few months of attempts, I realized I had no idea how to expand or develop this original material. The work, as it exists, became an exploration my inability to complete the initial iteration of the work. The harmonies, gestures, and melodic fragments that occur in this work are all sourced from the first sketches, although the sketches never appear in their original form. Rather, it  was in the failure to achieve my intended aims that I was able to create another, unexpected work. This becomes a metaphor for our own lives. As children we dream of who we might become, however it's in the attempts to achieve these dreams, both successful, and unsuccessful, that "we" truly emerge as ourselves an unexpected, often more interesting version of who we set out to be. 

Commissioned by Wild Rumpus, From Dreams, We Emerge is scored for bass flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, electric guitar, and electronics. The work explores subtle, shifting electronic textures built from white noise, sampled instruments, and static. The acoustic instruments weave melodic fragments in and out of this atmospheric milieu. The work was complete on September 4, 2015 in Manlius, NY. This work was recorded by 315 Ensemble for their debut record on Ravello Records.


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