all that’s left is dirt and sky (2019)

Premiered on April 27th, 2019 at the DiMenna Center by Byrne:Kozar:Duo.
amplified trumpet, amplified soprano, pre-recorded electronics
Written for Andy and Corrine'

For Joe

Program Note:

Half remembered, half from dreams, all that’s left is dirt and sky looks at love and intimacy through  the prism of loss. Each movement is a fragment, a wisp, of what was, what is, what might be. After letting go of memories, of expectations, all that’s left is dirt and sky. 


Mvt. I 

lonely, the sound of his heartbeat
half asleep
lost in dreams
the salty taste of his memory

Mvt. II 

light, horizon’s calling
light, the twilight's yawning
light, the sky is burning

a sunrise?
a sunset?

I yearn for home

Mvt. III 

the disillusioned communist still sells books on the corner

what propels us forward? 
the memory
the promise

there was a cardinal outside my window
the steam rises from my coffee
I can hear the sound of your laughter in the other room
echoing into the horizon