A horizon intoxicates a body (2015)

Premiered November 19, 2015 by the Composer's Orchestra Project and Edwin Roxburgh at the Adrian Bolt Hall, Birmingham, UK
(2 Fl (2=Picc), 2 Ob, 2 Cl, 2 Bsn, 4 FH, 3 Trpt, 3 Trb, Tba, Timp, 3 Perc, Strings)
Duration: 7’

PRogram Notes:

A horizon intoxicates a body was inspired by the poem, Regret, by Melissa Hotchkiss. The poem uses repetition to emphasize the regret of the author. By placing repeating lines verbatim, in an almost non-sequitur way, Hotckiss captures the obsessiveness of an individual overwhelmed with regret and loneliness. This use of repetition inspired many of the gestures that permeate A horizon intoxicates a body. The opening gesture in the strings becomes an obsession as the work progresses. It is repeated verbatim, varied, and placed in new contexts throughout the work. The winds comment, contradict, and build upon the string gestures with the orchestra erupting into large, cathartic passages that quickly, dissipate into single, solemn lines. Written in September 2015, while I was preparing to move to the United Kingdom, A horizon intoxicates a body captures the darker side of wanderlust, reckoning with the feelings of leaving behind those you love. 


PReview of Score: